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This form is for the 18 Tee Booth Sponsors for the 2019 Golf Tournament being held on April 5, 2019 at Dos Lagos Golf Course


There are only 5 “Watering Holes” that can offer hard liquor as an option – this will be handled on a first-reserved basis and when we are sold out, no additional hard liquor can be given out. Other booths can offer beer as an option if you so choose, but all alcoholic beverages must be pre-purchased from the course and not brought in. This makes it a little easier in that you don’t have to go out and buy it, but it does have to be pre-ordered no later than Tuesday, March 26th. You will be responsible for all purchases through the course for beverages and you will be required to bring your own ice/ice chest.
If you are wanting to reserve a “Watering Hole” (hard liquor), the cost is $200.00 (paid to CAI) which includes a staff person to serve and one bottle of hard liquor. Any additional liquor bottle purchases must be pre-purchased no later than Tuesday, March 27, 2019 and paid directly to the course. CAI requests that the Chapter be named as an additional insured on your company policy listing the course as the additional tournament location as well as the event date. You will also need to return the attached Indemnification form. You are able to bring in your own mixers if required.

If you would like to serve beer, the quantity must be pre-purchased by Friday, March 29th, and paid directly to the course. However, CAI requests that the Chapter be named as an additional insured on your company policy listing the course as the additional tournament location as well as the event date.

Any alcohol brought to the event without properly purchasing through the course will be removed and sponsor may be subject to not being able to participate in the 2020 tournament.
Please fill out completely and submit NO LATER THAN March 12th . Please submit COIs (if needed) by March 30th.

Tee Booth Sponsor:*
Company Representative #1:*
Contact E-mail #1:*
Company Representative #2:*
Contact E-mail #2:*
Will you be staying for the banquet?:*
Additional representative(s) on course - $40 each:
Additional reps staying for banquet?:
If you sponsored last year, would you prefer to be on the same hole or a different one? (We will take all requests into consideration):
Are you interested in a Watering Hole @ $200?:*
If yes, what type of alcohol would you like as your included bottle? (ie., Grey Goose Vodka, Jack Daniels):
Do you plan on serving beer?:*
If serving alcohol (including beer), please indicate that you understand the forms you must submit:*
If serving alcohol (including beer), please indicate that you understand it must be purchased from course:*
Are you serving food at your hole? If so, we need to know specifically what type so we can evenly space the food/snacks around the course:*
Can you donate to the raffle prize fund? (You will be invoiced):*
Do you NEED to drive to your hole? (We must have 3 that don't, so please answer honestly):*
Additional comments to help us create a better experience for you:

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  • Epsten Grinnell & Howell, APC
  • Park West Landscape Management
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  • CLS Landscape Management, Inc.
  • Diversified Asphalt Products, Inc.
  • Fox & Stephens, CPAs, Inc.
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